A favorite among homeowners is the Spanish Style design. As the name implies this design captures all of the warm elements of the Southwest including romantic ideals from Spain and the Mediterranean. An eclectic design, these homes typically feature a low-pitched roof, stucco siding, and archways above doors, windows and porches. Another constant found with Spanish Style architecture is the notable red tile roofing.

The preference for stucco walls in this design helps to keep the interior cool in hot climates, and the ample use of covered porches gives a sense of drawing the cool shaded outdoors into the interior design.

Historically the Spanish Style home got its start in America back in 1914 when the Panama Canal opened, creating shipping connections between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. At that time Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue headed an exuberant celebration in what was the first port of call on the Pacific Coast; San Diego California. Enamored by Gothic and Hispanic design, Goodhue’s festival drew heavily upon the architecture that would later be lumped into the ‘Spanish style’ including; clean white walls, imported red tile roofs, wrought iron features and hand painted tile features and colorful ceilings. Needless to say, homeowners of the time were bedazzled by the design and soon thereafter the Spanish Revival Architecture movement began.

Today homeowners who choose the Spanish style home enjoy the look of a stucco exterior and floor plans that feature a horizontal layout that blends easily with thoughtfully designed landscape. Exposed beams are also a favorite as well as ample arches, colorful tile work, white walls, and a courtyard that blends the exterior Spanish style into the living space. Wrought iron can often be found as part of the window design and an elegantly designed wrought iron gate will likely lead to a courtyard. If not completely flat, the roof will likely feature red tile.

The Spanish style home design is a great choice for anyone considering custom new home construction.

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