Using Green Technology

“Build it green” is a Nelson Builders’ motto that describes how we are dedicated to using energy-efficient lighting, windows, insulation, space, and water heating systems in our homes.

We provide energy-efficient heat ducting to make sure your system has no leaks. This provides better indoor air quality, with the help of well-designed duct systems that distribute air properly throughout your home. This type of high quality heat ducting helps to ensure that your home is build to keep all rooms at a comfortable temperature. You can be sure that this system will provide balanced supply and return flow to maintain a neutral pressure throughout the house.

Nelson Builders are proud to be the first company in San Mateo County to incorporate green building techniques in its the construction of new single-family homes.

Using Natural Resources Efficiently

We work to promote conservation, energy efficiency, recycling and sustainable building practices by utilizing modern building practices and energy-saving technologies. We’ve been building this way for years, not for marketing reasons or because it’s trendy, but because it’s a better way to build.  Nelson Builders focuses on the efficient use of natural resources in projects with the use of FSC Certified, Reclaimed and Recycled materials, job site waste recycling, home deconstruction and reclamation of materials when appropriate, and built-in home recycling systems. Our structures are tight and efficient utilizing high-quality materials and superior construction methods to ensure that they will serve their inhabitants well for generations.

Attention to Indoor Air Quality

We also focus on ensuring healthy indoor air quality by using low VOC & nontoxic materials, such as wood, stone, ceramic & wool. Incorporating radon, mold and mildew mitigation practices ensures that the building is not creating poor indoor air quality. Heat Recovery Ventilators in the homes provide whole-house ventilation to mitigate off-gassing and ensure a healthy level of fresh air exchange.

Energy Efficiency

Our focus is on energy conservation and efficiency the construction and continued functioning of the structure over its lifetime. Standard techniques and technologies include spray foam insulation, super-insulated floors & ceilings, low-E glazed windows, energy star appliances, and fixtures, Compaq fluorescent and LED lights, radiant floor heating, heat pumps, zone heating, solar water panels and more.