A custom home builder is for the homeowners who desire to build a unique home. Building a custom house requires a lot of expertise and experience. By hiring professionals you will have our team of experts with 30 years experience. You will also have better access to superior quality building materials and finish products at better rates at the discounts with contractor prices compared to buying yourself.

We provide project management working as your advocate with the building department, permits, inspections and all phases from foundation to completion. Our sub-contractors for these phases prefer to work with Contractors as they play a vital role in completing the project within budget and timeline. It’s important you choose your Contractor with care. Let us help you with your residential construction project as we offer consulting with your building plans as well.

Nelson Builder’s team of architects and designers work closely with the city and county building departments to help clients achieve the home of their dreams.

Every new home starts with an idea, a vision and a dream. As a recognized custom new home builder in the North Bay area, we have the know-how and ability to produce the home for you that reflects your tastes and personality. Our goal is to complete each new home project so that it resonates with the owner’s ideas and aspirations, and we accomplish the project within schedule and on budget. Nelson Builders ensures that you are completely satisfied with everything including the selection of design details and finishes. We focus on clients individually in an effort to serve their needs at the highest level, so we can deliver our full commitment to the success of your project..

Years of Excellence.

When a custom home building project is most successful, the entire team from client, architect, designers to builder must have a good working relationship, mutual trust and ease of communication throughout the process. Our years of success stems from this dynamic, as well as the experience gained from building custom new homes for more than 30 years. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest level of honesty, integrity, professionalism, and attention to detail for every project and every client. Call us today at 707-955-6866 to get started.