About our Founder, Ron Nelson

Owner Ron Nelson is a 2nd generation Building Contractor in the San Francisco Bay Area.

“Working with my father Roy E. Nelson since the age of 14 years. Construction was in my blood. After my father retired in 1984 I applied and received my license. While working in commercial and residential projects, my first love is residential building. My goal therefore, is to complete projects that respond to owners needs and aspirations, and accomplish the project within schedule and budget, which contributes to the quality of our homes and our lives within them.”

The Nelson Builders Mission

Integrating all aspects of development is our expertise. We go far beyond other development companies, offering professional solutions and consulting in architecture, design, engineering, and construction. Bright, functional spaces incorporating the natural surroundings are the hallmark of our designs. Clients are delighted to find that our experience and integrated approach produce structures that are more energy efficient and intuitive.