The hallmark of the contemporary look in house design features simple exteriors and truly functional, spacious interiors that are visually connected by massive window displays.

Modern is another way of saying ‘contemporary’ and these designs go from modern ranch-style to the long boxy look of a shipping container which is highly appealing to homeowners today. The aim of this design is ample clean lines and an eye towards efficient living. While that may sound stark, today’s modern homes are the epitome of sleek architectural features reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright with elegant no-nonsense floor design.

Most are built around a wide-open floor plan, which expands usable square footage. This along with abundant use of large windows—some feature floor-to-ceiling views while others model the open garage door look, take full advantage of interior natural light while expanding indoor living to the outdoors. Interior walls and cupboard trim are usually kept to a minimum, and many kitchen designs reflect a sleek shiny look using both wood and metal without the visual clutter offered by many other home design categories.

Contemporary home designs are one of the most diverse offerings of architecture which can easily be designed around the homeowner’s own vision and needs. Exteriors can range from metal to a mixture of siding, stucco, stone, brick, and wood. The roof line can be flat or shallow pitched, some even sport wide overhangs. Landscaping tends to be low-maintenance and thoughtfully designed for commonsense conservation.

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