So far in our Home Building Design Ideas series we’ve talked about the farmhouse style and the classic craftsman style home. A time honored, elegant expansion on the farmhouse style design is the French County Home that captures that old-world appeal with subtle elements of the more modern shabby chic.

The French County design is inspired by rustic homes found in the rural French countryside. Similar to the farmhouse design, this build can range from modest, to sprawling and estate-like. Elements to imagine include stonework, tile and wood that manifests as curved arches, weathered and distressed wood accents and a neutral color palette.

A common feature of the French Country is rustic wood beams along with plaster walls and stone, brink or wide plank floors. In most cases the classic old-world French elegance you might imagine is melded with that rustic, country aesthetic that conveys both timeless elegance, beauty and comfort. From the moment of move-in this home feels well-loved, lived in and welcoming. Interior touches tend to round out the French Country theme with elements of the botanical in artwork, fabrics, wallpaper and design accessories.

Your home, your design choice

With unlimited architectural styles to choose from today the French Country Style is an excellent choice. With a design aesthetic that is a slightly rustic while retaining a sense of elegance this home is inviting, and completely adaptable to a homeowner’s design plan.

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