Craftsman Style homes started with Stickley

Famous furniture maker Gustav Stickley first became enamored by the bungalow style homes found in Bengal, India in the early 1900s. This love of the design launched a custom home building career for the master craftsman, and the Craftsman Style Home was born. During the Arts and Crafts movement Stickley also published a magazine which featured free floor plans and influenced house building across the US.

Stickley’s original vision carries through to modern versions of the craftsman style home and echoes in this quote from 1908. “…the design of the house is very simple, the effect of comfort and ample spaces depending entirely upon its proportions. The big sweep of the low-pitched widely overhanging roof is broken by the broad shallow dormer which not only gives sufficient additional height to make the greater part of the upper story habitable, but also adds a great deal to the structural charm of the place.”

The Four Craftsman Styles

Today there are four main styles of Craftsman Homes: Bungalow, Prairie, Mission Revival and Four Square.

Bungalow typically features triangular-shaped roof lines and relatively modest square footage. They have tapering columns on the front porch and often have decorative glass windows and steeply angled roofs. The Prairie style home takes its major features from Frank Lloyd Wright’s version of the Craftsman home with horizontal lines and flat roofs designed emulate Midwestern prairies. This style features wood and stone and has walls of large windows to highlight natural indoor environments.

Mission Revival has that Southwestern feel, and often features stucco exteriors and terracotta tiled roofs. Mission Revival homes tend to have many arches and curves and keep to a desert inspired color palette, and courtyards are a frequent addition. Four Square style is meant usually for larger families that require more square footage and a quick build. This is made possible with the addition of a a second story on the traditional bungalow home that creates four rooms on the bottom floor and four on the second story (Four Square). These homes are simple and functional and typically lack much of the detail of the original bungalow style but retain feel of the Craftsman.

Your home, your design choice

With the myriad architectural styles to choose from today, if you want to build a custom home the Craftsman Style is an excellent choice. With its timeless charm, natural curb appeal, versatility and practicality combined with the bungalow style architecture, the craftsman creates a lasting appeal for homeowners and sits well in to both the neighborhood and on private acreage.

How we can help with your new home build

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