If your original home was legally constructed your replacement home may be constructed on the same footprint as the original house. Building can be expanded in size provided that the improvements do not increase the non-conforming portion of the structure, such as encroaching further into the setback.

Houses destroyed by fire that exceed the allowable density may also be rebuilt at the same size and location, but expansion is limited to a maximum of 10% of the original floor area. Interior floor plan changes can be implemented provided consulting with our structural engineer.

Septic and well consultants will be required to evaluate the functionality of the existing systems. A soils analysis of the burned area can be evaluated by Geotechnical engineering .

Our goal is to rebuild your home to meet your expectations

Our service provides coordinating rebuilding plans and procedures with the Building department which offers reduced permit fees and first priority review for approval. We offer our professional architect to make changes of your existing floor plan, structural engineering, engineering to inspect your foundation and geotechnical (grading & drainage) to rebuild your home. Call us today at 707-955-6866 and we will help you get started on your rebuild.