The backyard studio movement that offers something for everyone.

Your backyard tool shed is not what it used to be. Today these unique structures come with finished interiors fully plumbed for kitchen and bath, wired for power and Internet, constructed using sustainable materials and lasting production techniques. People are discovering that simple construction, single-room structures work beautifully as home offices, art or recording studios, storage spaces, guest rooms and much more.

The interest in modern, backyard sheds and studios has been growing at a steady rate over the past decade or so. There is increasing demand for income-generating accessory dwelling units or ADUs, backyard home offices for small-business owners, and now more than ever, private places for family members to get away. Backyard sheds offer a private space to work, lounge or study at home, and with COVID, sheds now offer a way for family members to safety quarantine. Beyond that homeowners have long been building backyard sheds to provide for a returning college student or an elderly relative.

Regardless of the reason or purpose, there are many benefits to having a dedicated space for whatever the family may need. Making it happen in your own backyard requires a certain amount of effort, and research. The first step might be to call your local building department. Smaller structures may be allowed without a permit and can easily accommodate a small office or studio space. It is possible to build something larger, and that will most likely require a building permit. With those items in hand, remaining considerations are typically setback requirements, which vary by city, and HOA approvals.

There are any number of reasons why it is easier and more affordable to add a detached building than it is to expand an existing home structure. Among the reasons is that there are fewer strategic elements to consider, and there is less of a messy remodel to deal with in your day-to-day life. Spaces without plumbing are obviously easier to plan, build and complete, while a larger accessory dwelling unit with a kitchen and a bathroom requires building inspections and help from various tradespeople, but the long-term benefits of the added space will make it all worthwhile.

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