permit processing

We will help you with applying for permits. Our knowledge and know-how with smooth out the permitting process and make it much easier for new home builders.

Navigating New and Custom Home Construction

Nelson Builder’s team of architects, designers, engineers and other building professionals work closely with the city and county building departments to help clients construct the home of their dreams. The process of building a new home begins long before the first board is nailed; it begins with a good plan and a builder you [Read more...]

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Choosing a Custom Home Builder

A custom home builder is for the homeowners who desire to build a unique home. Building a custom house requires a lot of expertise and experience. By hiring professionals you will have our team of experts with 30 years experience. You will also have better access to superior quality building materials and finish products at [Read more...]

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The right professionals to rebuild your home

If your original home was legally constructed your replacement home may be constructed on the same footprint as the original house. Building can be expanded in size provided that the improvements do not increase the non-conforming portion of the structure, such as encroaching further into the setback. Houses destroyed by fire that exceed the allowable [Read more...]

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