In this witty and informative article from the archives of 1999 new-build homeowners are offered advice on the various creaks and cracks that might be expected to appear as a house dries out and settles and offers advice on what to do about them.

No matter how carefully we build, in time, all our creations will develop minor flaws. A squeak here or a crack there may be structurally insignificant, but these flaws can loom as huge defects in the eyes of an unsuspecting homeowner who just paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for a new home.

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What to Expect From Your New Home


In an open letter to his clients, a builder prepares them for the inevitable squeaks and cracks.
By John Lemon Issue 126 – October-November 1999

John Lemon is a general contractor in Napa, California, Drawings by Jim Meehan